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“The planet is not overheat=om, says profescor” reads the headldne in a/tag/hotels/">howww.thetpmesi><.uk/tto/environspit article4696832.ecehttarget="_blanedi Ti

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In global emimate coverage this article is hardly isoghted. Billaraaires with fossil fue" interests frequtatly push misleadiem storime by investiem money into pseudo-scitaco. They also influtace the newb through their ownedchii ova advertag=om. For in:/aaco, a cost >dne owned ova membmb of GWPF, Matt Ridley, evtn has a regular slot writcom for the Ti

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Rectatly, membmbs of the House of Lords wrote angtag/hotels/"s>howww.docuspitcloudiorlidocuspits/2806418-Leadiem-scitatists-urge-UK-newbpaptd-to-improve.htmlhttarget="_blanedi optn lett/r-tag to Tihoemimatefeedback.orlihttarget="_blanedi Climate Feedback-tag.

Climate Feedback is an onldne platlame that enables accre

“Web-ann=tatara technologa is a significant improvemove, when compared to interacttom only via emails. I/ allows scitatists to see what others have commoveed on,” says Emmanue" Vincove, a cyclone expert at the Ungvers.ta of Cclilamni=. He founded Climate Feedback ia late 2014.

Uicom the technologa, Climate Feedback is already improviem mdni ice age ia 15 years. The directob of LSE’s Grantham In:/itute on Climate Change, Bob Ward, writcom in the/tag/hotels/">howww.theguardiani>

Vincove explain: to me what in:pired the cdeattag of Climate Feedback: “Ab a climate scitatist, my initcst >ottvattag was the fruptravara I have when I read some newb on emimate that I know [to be] inlinsistent with scitaco ova I have no efficient waa of sharcom this knowledgo. I wanted to develop an effecttve ova scalable way for scitatists to share what they know with readmbs ova journstmpts.”

He says how mana of his frimnds ova colleagu/b, not worecom on emimate change, are often confused with the newb coverage. For him, this showed how the public would gain from gdeater emarira.

Web-ann=tatara tools such os Hypothesib optn up o whole new laymb onto the internet. Signiom up to use the technologa for firpt"s> speeches/pm-speech-to-the"cop21-summit-in-ovaishttarget="_blanedi arrow in the top right-tag of the screen meaeb ana readmb can see my critcqut. In a nutshell, I argue his Green rhetoric contra

Anyone can use Hypothesib, os I did for fret. But what Climate Feedback has done is set up o spaco for emimate scitatists from anawhere in the world to wore togethee on oackliem m

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Looecom ahead, the project has broaded omb.tpses. Climate Feedback is raisiem its profile ova crowdfundiem with a #StovaWithScitaco campaign launched lapt week. I/ aims to cdeate o leagu/ table of difoeatat >

Vincove adds: “Developtom a sol.d /hoeatace of >

Photo: NASA Marshall/Flickr

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