Novara Media is an independent media organisation addressing the issues that are set to define the 21st century, from a crisis of capitalism to racism and climate change. Within that context our goal is a simple one: to tell stories and provide analysis shaped by the political uncertainties of the age, elevating critical perspectives you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. Driven to build a new media for a different politics, our journalism is always politically committed; rather than seeking to moderate between two sides of a debate, our output actively intends to feed back into political action.

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Editorial Team
James Butler Head of Audio
[email protected]

James is responsible for audio content at Novara and presents Novara FM. His intellectual interests include political theory, the history of social movements and the relationship between literature and politics.

Craig Gent Head of Articles and Operations Officer
[email protected]

Craig joined Novara in 2013 and oversees the organisation’s operations and finances. He is also responsible for the articles section, supporting the team to deliver regular commentary, analysis and reportage. He completed a PhD on the digitalisation of labour relations and maintains a film blog.

Gary McQuiggin Head of Video
[email protected]

Gary joined Novara in 2016 and is responsible for all video content. In addition to this he has been working as a freelance video journalist, documentary film producer, director and editor for more than ten years.

Aaron Bastani Contributing Editor and Digital Officer
[email protected]

Aaron started Novara as a podcast in the Spring of 2011, going on to co-found Novara Media with James Butler later that year. He has a PhD in media and politics and his new book ‘Fully Automated Luxury Communism’ is out with Verso in 2019.

Charlotte England Commissioning Editor (News)
[email protected]

Charlotte edits news and reported features at Novara Media, and occasionally produces video content. She is also currently helping to overhaul Novara Media’s business plan. Elsewhere, she is a freelance multimedia journalist and producer.

Clare Hymer Commissioning Editor (Opinion)
[email protected]

Clare edits opinion and commentary at Novara Media. She is a co-founder and organiser at Labour for a Green New Deal, and her interests lie in climate justice and the labour movement.

Beth Perkin Commissioning Editor
[email protected]

Beth edits articles at Novara Media. She is a journalist who works on various radical publications, as well as in film production. Her interests lie in workers’ rights, housing, education and decolonial politics. (Beth is currently on leave, so please pitch to either Clare or Charlotte instead.)

Ash Sarkar Contributing Editor
[email protected]

Ash Sarkar is a writer, broadcaster, journalist and lecturer who produces and presents #AshWednesday for Novara Media. Her work focuses on race, gender, class and power. Ash supports Tottenham Hotspur, and has never knowingly kissed a Tory.

Michael Walker Contributing Editor
[email protected]

Michael produces and hosts the TyskySour video podcast at Novara Media and used to host the Fix. His interests include electoral strategy, populism and political communication. He is currently completing an MA at the LSE. 

Camille Mijola Funding Officer

Camille is responsible for fundraising at Novara Media. She holds an MA in journalism and is a feminist investigative fellow at Open Democracy. She is interested in political storytelling and would like to see platforms like Novara Media advance in Latin America, where she is from.

Fraser Watt Optimisation Officer

Fraser works on Novara Media’s analytics and on optimising the organisation’s processes. His interests include electoral politics and the intersection between politics and technology.

Dalia Gebrial Regular Contributor
[email protected]

Dalia presents and produces video content for Novara Media. She is a PhD candidate, and her interests lie in immigrant rights, anti-racist social movements, climate justice and workers’ movements.

Eleanor Penny Regular Contributor
[email protected]

Eleanor presents and produces videos for Novara Media and is a writer, essayist, editor, poet and broadcaster.


As of 1 February 2019, Novara Media is a trading name of Thousand Hands Ltd, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (registered in England and Wales No. 11245029) whose registered office address is 96 Castle Lane West, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 3JU. Thousand Hands Ltd publishes novaramedia.com, as well as platform-specific content across Novara Media’s social media channels.

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