Novara Media is a multimedia outlet specialising in political commentary that addresses the defining issues of the 21st century.

In our articles section, we publish opinion, news and features. Opinion pieces usually provide short-form commentary and analysis on unfolding political developments. News and features should provide original reporting on issues that matter to Novara Media’s audience.

Although we generally commission articles and tend to have preferred writers for our regular beats, we also welcome pitches from prospective writers.

Before pitching, please make sure you are familiar with what we tend to publish. We are not interested in academic essays, gossip, ‘hit’ pieces, poems, fiction, conspiracy or news that is likely to have been covered extensively elsewhere. Contributors are subject to our Editorial Standards Code.

Unfortunately we are unable to reply to all pitches. If an articles editor wishes to follow-up on your pitch, they will usually be in touch within five working days. If your pitch is especially time-sensitive (48 hours), please state it in the subject line.

For opinion, email [email protected]

For news and features (including news story suggestions), email [email protected]

For all other enquiries relating to articles, email Charlotte England at [email protected]

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