Novara Media is an independent media organisation addressing the issues – from a crisis of capitalism to racism and climate change – that are set to define the 21st century. Within that context our goal is a simple one: to tell stories and provide analysis shaped by the political uncertainties of the age, elevating critical perspectives you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. Driven to build a new media for a different politics, our journalism is always politically committed; rather than seeking to moderate between two sides of a debate, our output actively intends to feed back into political action.

Over the last five years we have produced hundreds of podcasts, videos and articles, reaching a combined audience of millions. Until 2015 this was done by a team of volunteers with virtually no resources. While we still primarily rely on volunteers, our #Novara10k crowdfunding appeal in 2015 allowed us – for the first time – to pay contributors, purchase equipment, cover expenses for those otherwise unable to appear on our platforms, and begin developing our first offline events.

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Editorial Team
Aaron Bastani Senior Editor
[email protected]

Aaron often hosts Novara FM. He also presents regular videos reports, interviews and his opinion series IMOBastani. Aaron holds a doctorate in political science from Royal Holloway’s New Political Communications Unit and is currently working on a book about Fully Automated Luxury Communism. Aaron also enjoys football, design and cooking.

Ash Sarkar Senior Editor
[email protected]

Ash presents audio content and her own video series OMFG covering topics from race to gender and global politics. Her political activities range from anti-austerity activism and a range of anti-racist campaigns. She also writes on arts and culture and is a published poet.

James Butler Senior Editor
[email protected]

James is responsible for audio at Novara. He presents Novara FM and the video series Terms of Engagement. His intellectual interests include political theory, the history of social movements and the relationship between literature and politics.

Craig Gent Senior Editor
[email protected]

Craig heads up the articles operation at Novara, working with writers and the editorial team to bring daily doses of insight, analysis and commentary. He is also a PhD candidate, teacher, workplace organiser and freelance writer. Craig acts as the organisation’s treasurer and is the point of contact for invoice queries.

Eleanor Penny Senior Editor
[email protected]

Eleanor is editor of Long Reads, a weekly strand dedicated to more in-depth political writing. She also presents and produces video and audio content.

Clare Hymer Articles Editor
[email protected]

Clare is an articles editor at Novara. She holds an MA in philosophy, and has political and intellectual interests in the environment, climate justice, education and identity.

Dalia Gebrial Articles Editor
[email protected]

Dalia is an articles editor at Novara. She is a PhD candidate, and her interests lie in immigrant rights, anti-racist social movements, climate justice and workers’ movements.

Shon Faye Regular Contributor

Shon Faye is a writer and performer. She presents Shon This Way, a video series looking at a range of issues from sexual and gender politics to popular culture and mental health.

Michael Walker Regular Contributor

Michael co-hosts the TyskySour podcast and The Fix. His interests include electoral strategy, populism and political communication.

Gary McQuiggin Head of Video
[email protected]

Gary is responsible for overseeing all video content at Novara. In addition to this he has been working as a freelance video producer for 10 years making propaganda, music videos, commercials and documentaries.

Charlotte England Articles Editor
[email protected]

Charlotte is an articles editor at Novara. She is also a multimedia journalist producing news and features for several other publications. She studied at SOAS.

Charlotte Grace Merchandise

Charlotte is responsible for Novara set, merchandise and assists with aesthetic direction. She’s a lecturer in architecture, specialising in urban dissent and spatial propaganda. She’s involved with Concrete Action, Architectural Workers and Plan C.

Beth Perkin Articles Editor
[email protected]

Beth is an articles editor at Novara. She is a journalist who works on various radical publications. Her interests lie in workers’ rights, housing, education and decolonial politics.

George West Articles Editor (on hiatus)
[email protected]

George is an articles editor at Novara. He is an active antifascist, a freelance writer, and a politics and philosophy student at LSE. His interests include working class history and cultural theory.