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The Miller’s Tale: A Tale of Two Camerons

by Novara Reporters

Voters, activists and armchair politicians from across the political spectrum have retched in recent days at the ongoing Maria Miller scandal and the Cabinet’s response to it. Quite fairly, many have been quick to highlight that Miller has been able to siphon £50,000 away without even a slap on the wrists, while in 2011 it was seen fit that a man who stole £3.50 of water bottles from Lidl was jailed for six months.

Foremost among Miller’s defendants has been our Premier, David Cameron. Always keen to assert his moral credentials and staunch belief both in doing ‘the right thing’ and equality before the law, let’s take a look at two articles telling a different story.

Article 1.

“[Money is] claimed every year by people who aren’t entitled to claim that money. Now that’s fraud; that is wrong… [We will respond by] obviously prosecuting those who commit benefit fraud.”

Article 2.

“[Miller] will make a full apology and I think people should leave it at that.”

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Published 7th April 2014

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