#ACFM Trip 9: Utopia

Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn discuss Utopias, including the Paris Commune, analogue dreamlands and kettle logic.

Edited and produced by Olivia Humphreys, Matt Huxley and Matt Phull.


Tracklist: Goldfrapp – Utopia / John Lennon – Imagine / Nairobi Sisters – Promised Land / Harry McClintock – Big Rock Candy Mountain / Joe Meek – I Hear A New World / Noel Brass Jr – Cortex Overflow / Liverpool Cathedral Ringers and Cleo Evans – Imagine.
Texts: George Orwell  – Homage to Catalonia / P.M. – Bolo Bolo /
Thomas More – Utopia / Fredric Jameson – Archaeologies of the Future / Kristin Ross – Communal Luxury / Jodi Dean – The Communist Horizon / Raymond Willians – Marxism and Literature.

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