Control, Power and Resistance in the 21st Century. Interview With Cory Doctorow

What is the relationship between technology, society and politics? Is the former merely a tool for social control, or can it also open up new vistas of possibility and freedom? How can one become the other, and what does resistance look like in a world where culture, and digital culture, are increasingly constitutive of one another? Where the screen and the non-screen come together to form a hybrid reality in which we all live?

These are all themes which run through the work of author and technologist Cory Doctorow. His latest book is Attack Surface, which examines themes of surveillance, resistance and ethics in a world of technological control. In this interview with Aaron Bastani and Doctorow discuss all that and more, examining the role of the digital giants in the 21st century, how social movements fight back and whether Facebook should be banned.

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