#ACFM Trip 18: Therapy

Keir Milburn, Nadia Idle and Jeremy Gilbert get on the couch to talk about therapy. Wrangling with how to square their collectivist politics with the introspective work of therapy, they wonder if people on the left are more inclined to seek such treatment, and what role physical exercise plays in their mental wellbeing.

Analysing their own very different experiences of the therapist’s couch, the gang also consider the shortcomings of CBT and the twisted logic of positive thinking.

Music: Prince Paul – ‘Outroduction to Diagnosis’ / The Raincoats – ‘Fairytale in the Supermarket’ / Gil Scott-Heron – ‘The Bottle’ / Burial – ‘Endorphin’ / Bongwater – ‘Folk Song’
Books: Kate Pickett & Richard G. Wilkinson – The Spirit Level / Richard Layard – Happiness: Lessons from a New Science

Produced and edited by Chal Ravens and Matt Huxley. PRS Licence Number: LE-0016481

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