Microdose: Revolution From Cromwell to Castro

Vive la révolution!

In anticipation of the next Trip, the #ACFM trio deliver a condensed but essential history of revolution from Oliver Cromwell to Fidel Castro, with stop-offs in France, America, Haiti, China, Spain and Russia.

What does it take to cook up a revolution? Is the French Revolution still relevant to our idea of radical social upheaval? Can there be unlimited political reforms without triggering a revolution?

Nadia Idle, Jeremy Gilbert and Keir Milburn speed through several centuries of unrest in a collective Microdose which sets the scene for the main event: Revolution, the 20th Trip in the ACFM series. Look out for the full Trip this Sunday, followed by another Microdose with Rodrigo Nunes, author of Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal.

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Texts: James C. Davis – ‘Toward a Theory of Revolution’ / Reinhart Koselleck – Futures Past: On the Semantics of Historical Time

Music: Excerpt from a Rara procession from Haiti / Los Zafiros – ‘Cuando Yo La Conocí’ / ‘La Marseillaise’ / The national anthem of the USSR / A rendition of Spanish civil war song ‘A las Barricadas’

Produced by Matt Huxley and Chal Ravens. PRS Licence Number: LE-0016481

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