Choose Your Own Family Adventure

Are families, like prisons, obsolete? Even if we might baulk at the comparison, the question can be illuminating.

To choose one’s own family was long the dream of radicals. What if, instead of those we happen to be biologically related to, we could surround ourselves with care, freely chosen and freely given? After a thirty-year pause, the confinements of the pandemic have kicked off another round of questioning. Do we really want our most fundamental relationships to be those handed to us at birth?

Sophie Lewis is the author of Abolish the Family and one of the most daring and fluid writers on sexual politics today. On NovaraFM with Rivkah Brown, Lewis pinpoints the root of our erotophobia, explores the secret surrogacies that make up the family, and tells us how we are already living the zoophilic Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.

Novara Media has further reporting on the Cuban Family Code.

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