Lowkey: Make It Right for Palestine

British hip-hop artist Lowkey explains what the centenary of the Balfour Declaration means for Palestinians and why it’s essential that people in the UK march on November 4th to make it right.


Lowkey joins the many Palestinian and British civil society organisations that are calling on the public to mobilize in London on November 4th to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, an act of British imperialism that resulted in 100 years of dispossession, displacement, oppression and conflict for the people of Palestine. The government has said it will mark the centenary “with pride.” On November 4th, tens of thousands of people will march to tell the government that the centenary is not something that should be celebrated; and in solidarity with the seven million Palestinians displaced around the world and those in Palestine, who have endured 50 years of Israeli occupation and apartheid in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and ten years under a crippling siege on Gaza. Those marching in London will join the global call for the British government to recognise its historic complicity in grave and systematic human rights violations against Palestinians and, after 100 years, to take the first step and make it right for Palestine.


Will you help make it right? Join the national demonstration in London on November 4th. Assemble Grosvenor Square, 12 noon, and march to Parliament.

More information on palestinecampaign.org

Follow the global movement by using #Balfour100 #MakeItRight

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