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#GreenSurge, What Does It Mean?

On this weeks show Aaron Bastani is joined by Adam Ramsay as they discuss the Green Surge and the relationship of the Green Party to social movements.

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IMO w/ Aaron Bastani (E004)

What utopias, or dystopias, does capitalism have to offer in response to a climate crisis? Aaron Bastani looks at two possibilities: Space Capitalism and Green Austerity.


Podemos, Can They?

On this week's show James Butler and Aaron Bastani discuss the rise of Podemos, the new party on Spain's radical left.

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IMO w/ Aaron Bastani (E002)

Aaron Bastani on the continuing success of UKIP and the decision made by the UK gov't this week to defund a life-saving migrant rescue operation in the Mediterranean Sea.


Who Owns Britain?

On this week's show James Butler is joined by James Meek as they discuss privatisation and ownership in Britain.