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Natalie Bennett: We Need a New Economic Model
by Natalie Bennett
It's conference season - and with both Labour and Conservatives promising deeper austerity, which will affect young people and children in particular, it seems any popular sense of hope or excitement towards the British political landscape has been left behind with the Scottish independence referendum. But Green leader Natalie Bennett wants to call Labour and Tories out on their defence of a broken system, advocating a new economic model.
9 Things You Might Not Expect From the Greens’ EU Manifesto
by Adam Ramsay
With European elections fast approaching, all the focus seems to be on a scraggly bunch of misfits. And UKIP, who have been receiving rather nasty parcels from said scraggly bunch. It seems depressing coming to terms with the fact we're still fire-fighting racist scapegoating at a parliamentary level in 2014, so is there any hope for a progressive Europe? The Green Party at least throw some interesting policies into the equation (and they're not all about the environment!)

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