Can Anarchism Offer a Solution to Brexit Paralysis and Chaos in Parliament?
by Ruth Kinna
Brexit paralysis bears out anarchists' long-standing critique of representative government and majoritarianism. Meanwhile the prime minister's failed attempt to prorogue parliament and other recent abuses of executive power have reignited a debate about the need for a written constitution in the UK. In this context, what can we learn from the long history of anarchist constitutionalising, which rejects the idea of 'the will of the people' in any guise and proposes an organisational alternative based on horizontalism and decentralised federation?
Johnson’s Nigerian Prison Has Been Scrapped, but His Law and Order Agenda Is Still Racist
by Caren Holmes
Boris Johnson’s plan to pay for the expansion of a Nigerian prison has fallen through, according to information obtained by FOI request. While the project's cancellation exemplifies Johnson’s habit of making ill-conceived promises he can't keep, the proposal itself offers important insight into our new prime minister's wider carceral colonial vision of “law and order” - a vision he is currently trying to implement in the UK.

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