Ash Sarkar

Ash Sarkar is a contributing editor at Novara Media.


25 January 2023

Yes, Women Fear Rape – But We Live Our Lives Anyway

18 November 2022

Brace Yourselves for a ‘Hinduphobia’ Moral Panic

9 November 2022

The BBC’s Investigation Into Online Abuse Is Total Bullshit

20 October 2022

Liz Truss Screwed Up When She Machine-Gunned Tory Voters

9 September 2022

Without the Queen, the Monarchy Could Fall Apart

3 September 2022

‘Dump Him’ Feminism Isn’t Revolutionary. It’s Callous

24 August 2022

We Asked Landlords Why They’re Making the Cost of Living Crisis Their Tenants’ Problem

18 February 2022

Even Angela Rayner’s Own Party Are Slamming Her ‘Shoot First’ Terrorism Comments

11 February 2022

So Long, Cressida Dick

21 January 2022

Tory MPs Calling Out the Whip Only Care About Ousting Boris, Not Changing the Corrupt System

1 October 2021

Sarah Everard’s Killer Isn’t One Bad Apple – The Whole Police Force is Rotten

15 June 2021

Don’t Believe the Bigots – Trans Rights Aren’t a Threat to Women

2 June 2021

It Isn’t Mental Health ‘Wokeness’ That’s Getting to Piers Morgan – It’s Fear of His Own Irrelevance

10 May 2021

Everybody is Doing Identity Politics, Even If They Think They’re Not

12 April 2021

Prince Philip Knew One Important Thing: For Monarchies to Survive, They Must Learn to Adapt

8 March 2021

How Harry and Meghan Quit the Royal Family to Join the US Aristocracy

3 February 2021

Give White People Something to Do

20 January 2021

The Slumflower Beef Has Exposed the Limits of Influencer Activism

6 January 2021

The Right is Attempting to Redraw the Boundaries of Reasonable Opinion

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