Moya Lothian-McLean

Moya Lothian-McLean is a contributing editor at Novara Media.


10 March 2023

The Tories Want You to Panic About Sex Education

22 February 2023

Let’s Stop Pretending London is a 24/7 City

11 January 2023

God, Will Prince Harry Shut Up?

30 December 2022

These Were the Moments That Made 2022

21 December 2022

The Most Pointless Twitter Discourses Of 2022

1 December 2022

Are The Royals ‘Anti-Racist’ Now?

22 November 2022

Crypto Was Meant To Be Radical, But It’s Been Taken Over By Wall Street

10 November 2022

Police Commissioner Says Journalists Are ‘Part of the Problem’ After Arrest of Just Stop Oil Reporters

8 November 2022

Maybe Twitter Should Die?

19 October 2022

Welcome to the Tory Death Spiral

5 October 2022

Black People Nearly Eight Times More Likely to Be Banned From Manchester Carnival

26 August 2022

How Healthcare Went From State Responsibility to Workplace ‘Perk’

23 August 2022

Daily Mirror Journalists Striking Over Low Pay Were Offered Advice on ‘Side Hustles’ At Publishing Giant

4 August 2022

Manchester Police Probably Broke the Law With ‘Racist’ Carnival Bans

28 July 2022

This Is Why ‘Gender Critical’ Campaigners Like Allison Bailey Are Laying Siege to Stonewall

13 July 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Hot Strike Summer

7 July 2022

Boris Johnson Was the Ultimate Establishment Prime Minister

16 June 2022

Direct Action is Just What the Doctor Ordered

7 June 2022

We All Lost Confidence a Long Time Ago

31 May 2022

The Jubilee Bank Holiday is the Worst Deal in the World

31 May 2022

A Barrister Explains Why Employment Tribunals Are a New Trans Rights Battlefield

9 May 2022

Keir Starmer is Getting a Taste of His Own Cop Medicine

18 August 2021

Incels Aren’t a Punchline. It’s High Time We Took Them Seriously

21 July 2021

I Can No Longer Bury My Head in the Sand About Climate Change

7 July 2021

The Cop Who Killed Dalian Atkinson is in Prison – But That Doesn’t Fix Our Justice System

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