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Aaron Bastani is a Novara Media contributing editor and co-founder.

Aaron Bastani


29 May 2024

In Starmer’s Labour, Only ‘Zionist Shitlords’ Are Welcome

1 May 2024

I Would Have Voted for George Galloway, But Then He Said Gay People Aren’t ‘Normal’

23 April 2024

How One Councillor’s Vote Saved Portsmouth Port From Privatisation

20 March 2024

The Dune Films Are the Most Important of the 2020s. But Not for the Reasons You Think

4 March 2024

Britain’s Future Depends on Its Smaller Cities

2 February 2024

The Internet Didn’t Kill the High Street, Inequality Did

5 January 2024

I Just Had a Daughter. But Being a Centrist Dad Never Made Less Sense

21 November 2023

Europe’s Politicians Are Idealists – But About All the Wrong Things

24 October 2023

Why Are Conservatives Supporting Israel’s Strategy When It Would Create Millions More Refugees?

9 October 2023

Politicians Don’t Want Power – Because Then They Would Actually Have to Solve Problems

16 August 2023

Why Does Every Politician Need a Sob Story?

28 July 2023

Keir Starmer’s Position on Austerity Is Almost Identical to the Tories’

6 July 2023

The Housing Boom Replaced Social Democracy. Now We Have Neither

14 June 2023

Centrist Influencers Are Dying Out

23 May 2023

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming for Creative Workers Too

4 May 2023

The Lib Dems Are Britain’s Worst Political Party

13 April 2023

Our Elites Are on Autopilot and I Think I Know Why

27 March 2023

The US Is Cheating to Stop China Achieving Tech-Supremacy

28 February 2023

The Media is Biased Against the Left – And the Right

13 February 2023

White Collar Workers, Welcome to the Revolution

25 January 2023

Britain’s Media Gatekeepers Are No Match for America’s

13 January 2023

Is This the Most Important Book So Far This Century?

30 December 2022

These Were the Moments That Made 2022

26 December 2022

Socialists, in 2023 Read More Fiction

16 December 2022

Travelling Across Poland Showed Me That Britain’s Economy Is Broken

8 December 2022

No, School Isn’t Making Kids ‘Woke’

8 November 2022

No, Younger People Aren’t Always More Progressive

25 October 2022

Britain’s No-Growth Economy Means Politics Is Only Going to Get More Chaotic

19 October 2022

Europe Is About to Get Very Poor, Very Quickly

7 October 2022

I’m a Millennial Homeowner and I Want Property Prices to Fall

23 September 2022

The GMB Is Completely Wrong About Fracking. Here’s Why

20 September 2022

Why Are British Pundits Suddenly So Obsessed with the New York Times?

10 September 2022

Queen Elizabeth Was Synonymous With Modern Britain – It May Unravel Under Her Successor

5 September 2022

Get Ready for Decisive Action From Liz Truss – but Don’t Expect It to Last

26 August 2022

Postal Workers Have No Choice But To Strike

10 August 2022

The Coming Recession Will Be Worse Than 2008

19 July 2022

The Forde Report Proves the Labour Machine Was Rotten to Its Core

13 July 2022

Why Aren’t People Having Kids?

11 July 2022

Boris Johnson Could Have Been Another Thatcher

21 June 2022

The Rail Strikes Are Entirely Justified

9 June 2022

In Stroud, Starmer’s Labour is Undermining Local Leaders – Again

1 June 2022

Is Animal Agriculture As Bad As Burning Fossil Fuels?

13 May 2022

Keir Starmer Doesn’t Trust Ordinary People

12 May 2022

Middle Britain is About to Get Monstered By Our Economic Model

26 April 2022

Student Loans Are Now Even More of a Scam

25 April 2022

Musk Buying Twitter Would Be the Defining Deal of Our Era

24 March 2022

How Long Can Faith in ‘Market Solutions’ Survive?

10 February 2022

Older Generations Can’t Deal With the Fact They’ve Had It Easy

4 February 2022

The Guardian Hires Daily Mail ‘Wreathgate’ Journalist Who Claimed Corbyn Paid Tribute to Terrorists

3 February 2022

The Tories Have Lied About Labour Leaders for Years. Why Does the Media Care Now?

27 January 2022

Why is Labour Broke?

25 January 2022

Could This Be the Green Party’s Second MP?

5 January 2022

Apparently the World Owes Tony Blair a ‘Debt of Gratitude’. I’ll Pass

13 December 2021

Succession is the Perfect Eulogy for a Dying Republic

18 November 2021

The West Botched Cop26, Then Blamed China

27 October 2021

Is China the World’s Worst Climate Culprit?

6 October 2021

Could Labour Lead Wales to Independence?

6 October 2021

Leanne Wood: ‘Just Wanting Independence Isn’t Enough. We Need a Strategy’

29 September 2021

Keir Starmer Is Just As Dishonest As Boris Johnson

9 September 2021

An Ageing Society is As Big an Issue As Climate Change

19 August 2021

After Afghanistan, We Need a New Kind of Foreign Policy

12 August 2021

Are Any Politicians Actually Serious About Climate Change?

22 July 2021

Housing Security Transformed My Mental Health

6 July 2021

Labour Won Batley and Spen Despite Starmer, Not Because of Him

25 June 2021

‘It’s Only the Start’: George Galloway’s Bid for Batley and Spen Could Leave Starmer Staring Into the Abyss

14 June 2021

What’s the Point of GB News?

9 June 2021

Grimes is Right About Communism and AI – Kind Of

25 May 2021

Did China Just End Extreme Poverty?

13 May 2021

Keir Starmer Is Now the Worst Person, at the Worst Moment, to Lead the Labour Party

29 April 2021

Do the Police Actually Solve Crime?

21 April 2021

What Does the European Super League Furore Tell Us About Modern Capitalism?

14 April 2021

Is Britain the World’s Least Racist Country?

1 April 2021

The Suez Canal Block Told Us a Lot About Capitalism and Sovereignty

29 March 2021

We Already Know Starmer’s Labour Ends in Tears – Just Look at the West of England

24 March 2021

Can We Solve the Climate Crisis Without Ending Capitalism?

5 March 2021

The Biden Administration Just Broke International Law. Why Doesn’t Anyone Care?

26 February 2021

Until He Starts Talking About Rent Caps, Keir Starmer Isn’t Serious About Championing Business

18 February 2021

Why Should the BBC Licence Fee Fund Britain’s ‘Soft Power’?

10 February 2021

Labour Only Has One Route to Power – And It Can’t Take ‘Generation Left’ for Granted

7 February 2021

Covid-19 Has Shown Humanity’s Vulnerability. It’s Time to Take Existential Risks Seriously

27 January 2021

Think the Tories Can’t Possibly Paint Britain’s Pandemic Response As a Triumph? Think Again

22 January 2021

Keir Starmer is Ignoring the Few Lessons He Could Learn From Joe Biden

12 January 2021

No, the United States is Not the Home of Democracy

7 January 2021

You Thought Britain’s Media Was Rightwing? By 2024 It Will Be Much, Much Worse

5 January 2021

When Will Britain’s Politicians Have the Guts to Take Lessons From Asia?

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We’re up against huge power and influence. Our supporters keep us entirely free to access. We don’t have any ad partnerships or sponsored content.

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